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A Short Film by Richard A. Hernandez

Starring Joshua Aispuro, Zoe Flood, and Jose Sustaita

Release Date 2015

Story: When Max sneaks out to spend a night on his own. He encounters a mysterious door that grants him a chance to take a step ahead into adulthood.

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Another Big Step

I had a great cinematography professor. He happened to be the director of the film program at the college I went to. I had a few ideas at the time, some that just involved working with experimental visuals, color, and all those kinds of fun stuff. And the good thing was, that most of the projects he assigned, involved each of those things. So, it was really interesting to say that I was working on a short that involved all of the above, but it was also a narrative. I had to give it a good effort, given that this guy was a big deal in that film department. After a few storyboards and a trip to the Home Depot, I started shooting what I considered to be, one of the most fun projects I've worked on. I worked with a good pal named John on this one, we were teamed up to work on a color project for our final that year. He dug what I thought up of and soon enough we shot the segments in no time. This was also the second time I worked with Josh, he's always been a good sport about coming out in films, always excited, he's great, and he's just easy to work with, for being a kid. His character eventually became incorporated into the Ramblings logo Once finished, I presented the film to the class, people liked it, from what I could remember. The professor, however, seemed to have enjoyed it. We held annual film festivals at my college, but I wasn't too sure if this film would be the type that I'd be submitting that year. A few days after the semester was over, I received a phone call from my professor saying, "Hey, I would like to submit your red door project at this year's film festival to represent the advanced cinematography class". I eagerly responded and said, "yeah!" He asked if I had a name for the short and I told him it was called, Escenarios (thank you for the name Danny).

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