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I See Red

A Short Film by Leatrice CHing

Starring Christine Liao and Meg Cashel

Release Date 2018

Story: A modern-day war science fiction focusing not on the outside world itself but the individuals affected by it.


The Progress Under Isolation


When our crew first sat down to discuss this film, the intention was to present the story with the bunker and the environment created by it as the focus. Therefore, words like claustrophobic, intimate, cold, and minimal established the look and goal of the film. We wanted to linger in moments where the characters could do normal things like cooking, cleaning because in these bunkers time must pass slowly and so what they do have to take on that same feeling. It was also to show that in their routines, exciting or not, the characters found instances of joy. As we came to the climax of the story, we quickened the pace and showed a vulnerability to the characters that weren’t there before. It was a short production (including pre and post) period wherein the conception of the story and completion of the film took place all within 8 weeks. In that time, I hope that we’ve created a film enjoyed by all who can give their time to watch.

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