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Lemon Heads

A Short Film by Richard A. Hernandez

Starring Josh Madson, Matt Kraft, Ayerin Esteem, Buddy Bachelor, and Michael Christian Allen

Release Date 2015

Story: Four bored friends begin their trick-or-treating later than usual. When the friends decide to split up into groups, the night becomes an event and a duration spent on drinking games.

Lemon Head Screen 1.png

A Step Towards the Right Direction

I think I could do it. That is usually what people may think or say when they begin conceptualizing ambitious ideas for films. At least, that's what I was saying to everyone. This film's pretty important to me, as it was the first film where I thought I could be able to do, it. The script went through a few rewrites, mainly concerning the storyline, until I came up with a story that was about a few friends who are getting too old for things, set on Halloween night. This story was heavily inspired by my friends. There are a lot of things that made me think of my friends when making this film, heck, they were in the film too, as both crew and actors. Around the time this film was being produced, I was hitting 20 years old. And a 20-year-old me was either, taking classes all day at the community college and figuring out if I really wanted to stay in college, slowly losing touch with people you would talk to on a daily basis,  or I was out on Wednesday nights at my buddy Cruz's house, with a group of friends, drinking until the morning came. But I definitely was taking filmmaking seriously in my life, while other things, I wasn't. So I built some sort of formula out of all this. Take hold of everything you do in life and don't forget those things. You could use everything you've experienced, as some influence on your work. That's what I did.


My film professor at the time was Aleem Hossain. He was a great professor, he no doubt helped everyone, because he just knew what we were all trying to make. A film. He was keeping watch on how I was going to steer this project into being made. He heard the story, but what he wanted to hear from me if I was going to actually make it. After I edited the film, I noticed that I loved it. It wasn't amazing, nor was it well put together and if you ask me, it's pretty rough, it never left the rough cut phase.  But I loved it. It was about my friends, made with my friends, for my friends. Once I screened it, I heard a few nice things about it, those nice things were usually about how the film came to be. The most confirming comment I heard was that it was a proof of concept.  Of course, the film had potential, but to me, it was sort of a test. I knew I'll be telling this story again, but much better the second time around. After that, I knew what I wanted to do with filmmaking. And with every project, I work on next, no matter how big the scale, I usually tell myself that I was able to make Lemon Heads.

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