A Film by Richard Alexander
Starring Alex Santana, Justin Huff, and Alejandro Agudelo
Release Date 2019
Story: A coming of age film. Two friends are left stranded after leaving a house party. They then face a series of events during their long walk home. Some which include, a gang of skaters, a sketchy drug dealer, a strange driver, painkillers, and most importantly, a lot of good music spun by River City’s DJ Santiago.
A no-budget feature made with friends and talents. Production began mid-2017 while shooting began soon after, with a production team of fewer than 10 people. The cast was compiled of non and professional actors. The film was made with no money in mind and due to budget limitations, the production crew had to think of various ways to make use of their available resources, which often resulted in spending little to no money during each shoot. Filming took place in the surrounding areas of East Los Angeles. Most of the production team resided in that section of the city, so most scenes were written with their neighborhoods and local landmarks in mind.

The film is expected to have a 2019 release.
"For a while, I really wanted to work on a feature-length film. But of course, I needed the practice and experience to even handle the amount of work that I'd be stepping into. There's a lot that goes into constructing such a project, lots of meetings, planning, scheduling, work, and work, and work. But the experience so far has been fun. This film is an accumulation of all the ideas I've had over the past 4 years. It's great to make use of all the scenarios and moments where you just say, "hey, wouldn't that be cool?" They somehow just flowed during the writing of this film. I'm still on that journey to completing this film and there's a lot to expect in the coming days. But the important thing is to always have fun on your set. It's always fun on set.  I definitely owe it to those people that have helped me to get this far." 

- Richard Alexander Writer/Director
 Production Assistant
Leatrice Ching

VFX/Animation by
Louie Esteem

Graphics and Lettering by
Danny Contreras

Sound Mixing by
Richard Alexander

Score by
Jonathan Rocha