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Written By David Ngo

Directed By Leatrice Ching

Starring Meg Cashel, Zac Weinstein

Release Date 2017

Story: A former couple revisits their relationship with a Q&A about what went wrong, what went right, and how they've arrived at where they are now.


​Finding An Answer​

Upon receiving the script from our lead writer, David Ngo, our team had 6 weeks to rehearse, location scout, shoot and edit before the screening. We had to work on a tight schedule. To begin things, we began building a distinctive look. We worked closely with our cinematographer, Ana Manso. We had reference images to establish a guide for the lighting setups, color schemes, tone, and storyboards to visualize specific sequences for a clear breakdown of what or who the subject would be. One of the most interesting ideas that Ana had come across with, was the idea of splitting the montage sequence into threes. Fitting it all in one frame. We could keep the image of each person's start and end while consolidating the amount of time it would take to reveal their changes. It was a great idea and the result turned out so well. We had a fun idea to add an easter egg into a shot. If you look closely at the flyer for the writing workshop, the address that is shown is actually of the room number and building from our old film department at the community college we attended. In the end, it was a great experience for us filmmakers and being the first time we were handed a script to execute, it was a challenge. We have special thanks to the composers who worked with non-musically inclined people and the sound crew who saved us from having to ADR. 

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