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Morning Harvester's sophomore album, "Pocho" is the artists' follow up and response to 2017's "Underneath the Tired Suitcase". Here we have songwriting, direction, and overall production, being taken a step further. A mixture of genres is presented on each track, trailing away from the same sound throughout, but experimenting along the way, all while helping present Sergio Meza's liner notes on what is it to be a Mexican/American and the struggle to be recognized as one over the other.


You can stream the album on Spotify and purchase the album on Bandcamp.


"The recording of Pocho was done with the privilege granted by Tony Aguilar, who runs Eastside Rehearsal, five modest but well-equipped rooms, a couple of miles east of downtown Los Angeles in Boyle Heights. I was hired there as a part-time employee in the summer of 2017 and was given the incredible perk of unlimited studio time. I had just bought a two-channel audio interface, a few entry-level mics and was starting to write for the next album.

The following summer I began recording each song one instrument at a time. I usually started out with guitars since it's what I'm most comfortable with but eventually layered on drums, bass etc. I've had experience in the past with "punching in" and overdubbing one instrument at a time and while it can get tedious I don't mind the process. With that said, I've since changed my mind about recording instruments separately so that will probably change on the next project.

Through the end of 2018, I continued to record whenever I found the time after work. After cleaning and closing up the rehearsal spaces, I would lock myself inside the studio and set up the portable studio and begin recording, usually around midnight. I would sometimes be there as late as 5 am and head home as the sun would rise. It sounds silly now but I would get so deep into the process that it would shake off any thought of being tired or sleepy. There was one song, in particular, Just A Ride, that I distinctly remember recording late at night. I was recording the "noise" part that ends the album and I wanted to get a natural sounding reverb. What I did was set up a guitar amplifier at one end of the hallway at the studio and set up a single omnidirectional mic at the other end to let the sound expand throughout the high ceilings of the building. It was completely quiet yet I was surrounded by the sound of the reverse delays and reverbs coming from the amp. I really loved that recording session and in retrospect was probably my favorite of all. The album was a complete joy to make and now I'm lucky enough to share it with those I care about." - Sergio Meza


The Album


Hollow Honey Love

(Music Video)

Music Video by Richard A. Hernandez

Written and Performed by Morning Harvester


Performed and Produced by

Sergio Meza


Recorded at

Eastside Rehearsal


Special Thanks to

Tony Aguilar

Richard A. Hernandez 

Meg Castellanos 

Bianca Espinoza

Mark Flanagan 

Eddie Hernandez 

Andy Lara

Lucia Perez

Eddie Rivas

Reuben Sanchez

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