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  • Richard A. Hernandez

Opening some doors...

First blog post on here, but I'll try my best to prevent this from being too lengthy. This feels more like a reflection on how far we've come rather than an update on current things. Personal post you can say.

It felt like only a couple of years that we just started shooting anything on video, DV, or our phones. We then come to terms that it's been a handful of years and we're still at it.

Everything so far has felt like segments of something bigger, something huge that we really isn't even in our line of sight. It builds your character if anything and you soon start to appreciate the path you've taken and review it as you're still on it. Whether you feel like it's taking you anywhere expected.

From meeting those people to help out on their video projects, getting flaked on for your own, making friends with the ones that don't "participate" in the discussions in a community college course, losing contact with a talent that since moved away, wasting your money on your budget when it could've been done without, finding out the right time to finally start, feeling bitter that you could've started at any time, starting your first short, defending it even though it's not the best, reading about your first troll, losing your mind over deadlines, being told it's worth it, telling people their work is worth it, meeting the love of your life, working on being a "professional", finding a crew, expanding that crew, and then to finally take a moment to tell yourself that you need to take some rest. Life can be heavy.

We finished a feature film in our early 20's. That was cool. We didn't even spend any money on that shit. We're even self distributing it. It's the best time to do DIY things than it ever has been honestly. We're taking chances here but we got confidence. What else more is required for things like this?

I'm excited on a daily basis, I don't know what to expect? We're going to do it that's for sure!

We lost someone important. A frequent collaborator, a little brother, someone was taken away from us too early if you ask me. I saw immense potential, it was hidden talent. There were those that saw it too. It was anytime now that more could've found out about that talent. Now it's a memory, archived, public (on the internet), cemented as something we can look back to remind us about what he had, and about him. Loss is something that was foreign to me, excruciating to see close ones pulling themselves through the entire situation. Moments happen so fast and you're left with not knowing what to do or how to keep going. We kept going, some don't want to, but it's a must. It gets easier as days go by, but you rebuild yourself. It's tough...

We added a small note at the end of the movie, on the final release, in memory of...

Look how far we've come dude.

It's now 2021 and it's currently a hot summer. I hate the heat. We're weeks away from self releasing our first film on blu-ray and ready for more stuff to work on. We've opened doors for ourselves.



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