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Three Horror Shorts

A Collection of Horror Shorts by Leatrice Ching

Release Date 2016

A series of two sentences telling imaginative stories worth adapting

Over Here
Last One Out

The series of two sentence horror shorts started with browsing Reddit near Halloween and the thread was a collection of users submitting scary stories written in two sentences. I worked with Tanya and Princesa for Katie, Last One Out, and also with Alex Dunn for Over Here. These shorts were great for us to practice adaption and for the most part, we were still beginners at creating narrative films. Katie turned out to be the film that most resembled what we originally set out to produce and realized it was more about sticking to the two sentences that were the foundation for each short. I think with the other two, we tried to add more than may have been necessary or that if our goal was to develop the idea then it would have served us better to give each short more time in pre-production and during the shoot. I’m also so thankful to all the friends who came as either cast or crew to make these spur of the moment short films happen.

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